Omineca Industrial

Omineca Industrial primarily works with companies in heavy industries including forestry, pulp and paper, biomass, and mining. Our team is highly experienced with a long track record of delivering exceptional results under tight timelines. We design and build to fit your project needs, and we are known for operating with a degree of responsiveness and flexibility rarely seen in operations of our size. We understand the ripple effect and far-reaching consequences that can arise from even the smallest delays, oversights, or omissions.

Scope of Work

Our construction projects range from general civil works to mechanical installation and commissioning. Our crews can competently execute a variety of site preparations such as clearing, excavating, and grading. Once the ground work is complete, we perform the concrete work such as forming, pouring, and finishing. When the concrete is cured, we begin erecting structural steel in order to install the new structures and equipment.

For projects that are constrained by existing structures or facilities, we will safely demolish or adapt the area to accept the upgrades. Once the new equipment is set in place, our skilled tradespeople will remain on site to assist with any commissioning necessary to ensure your project has a successful startup.

Our construction team is supported by our fabrication and machine shop where our Red Seal fabricators and machinists build the structural steel and material handling equipment specific to your needs. Before the equipment is shipped to your job site, we will ensure it is prepped and painted at our facility to your specifications.

The nature of construction is such that there are multiple hazards associated with the work. Our commitment to safety means that we ensure our crews have the proper training to safely work at heights, work with heavy mobile equipment, and in all manner of challenging environments.

Small Scale Construction Projects

For your smaller construction needs which must be completed over a shorter time frame, we will dispatch rotating crews to ensure 24 hours per day coverage. This ensures your project is completed in the shortest amount of time possible. Our project managers will work with your facility to capitalize on your planned downtime to replace or upgrade deficient equipment.

Large Scale Construction Projects

Our larger construction projects involve longer timelines and more in-depth scopes. Our experienced industrial tradespeople are accustomed to working around existing equipment and infrastructure. When access presents a unique challenge to the removal and installation of equipment, careful planning is required to ensure the projects are completed safely and efficiently.

Turn Key Construction Projects

When you choose Omineca Industrial as your general contractor, we commit our resources to ensure your project is a success. Where we do not yet have in-house expertise in a particular area, we bring on one of our trusted sub-contractors. We have a strict process of vetting these trades to ensure our values are aligned and that they have the skills and capabilities to complete the work. Our project managers will oversee and coordinate the flow of the project in consultation with our customers while coordinating with our crews on site. Our flexibility and responsiveness, when combined with our skills and experience, make Omineca Industrial a contractor you can trust to complete your turn-key projects on budget and on time.

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