Welding and Fabrication

Delivering High-Quality welding and fabricating services in Canada and the United States

Omineca Industrial has spent decades building a reputation for delivering high-quality equipment, components, structural welding, and fabricating services in Canada. Our organization began completing fabrication and welding projects in British Columbia in the early 1990s. Over the years, we have expanded our capabilities and increased our capacity to take on large scale fabrication projects and ship across Canada and the United States of America.

Our Commitment

At Omineca Industrial, we are committed to continuous improvement across every level of our organization. Our people are motivated to add to their skillset, innovate, and seek out novel solutions to old problems. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside of the box. This ability to see opportunities in challenges means that our certified tradespeople can work through the unexpected and meet tight deadlines and project goals.

Our welding and fabrication division is renowned for fabricating, painting, and installing steel and aluminum equipment and structures on time and on budget. Our certified fabrication team has the knowledge and experience to take on every facet of the fabrication and installation process. We are committed to seeing your project through to completion and ensuring it is executed safely and to code.

Our Capacity

Our skilled welders and fabricators bring their extensive knowledge and industrial experience to each project we take on. Our team can confidently address even the most complex steel and aluminum fabrication challenges without compromising on quality or safety. Our shop team processes over 250,000lbs of metal each month to produce a variety of finished products ranging from small parts to large material handling equipment and structures.

Our Facility

Omineca Industrial completes our own metal processing in our 13,000 square foot facility in Prince George, B.C. Our shop features state of the art equipment which we use to ensure the accuracy of metal layout, cutting, and forming. We have multiple overhead cranes and large forklifts which allow us to maneuver large pieces of equipment in a safe manner.

The following (non-exhaustive) list describes some of the most common welding and fabrication services requested by our customers:

  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Transfer Decks
  • Stairs, Handrails, and Catwalks
  • Embedded Metals
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Welding
  • Aluminum Fabrication
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Custom Projects

If your project requires an element not listed here, please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs and how we can best support your operations.